Touch A Heart Culinary Program

Our Touch a Heart Culinary Program takes a cohort (3-4 trainees) through two 12-week Quarters that balance both practical knowledge with culinary skills and hands-on practice. The cohort begins by learning the life skills necessary to provide healthy, nutritious meals for their family on a budget together with general safety and food handling skills necessary for employment in the food services industry. The second 12-week Quarter is focused on culinary skills, utilizing hands-on experiences and providing opportunities to learn about the industry from ‘farm to table’.

In addition, trainees will continue receiving supportive programs and services through the their ‘home’ organization, and be trained in soft skills, such as communication, friendliness, and the importance of dependability – necessary traits to empower them in recovery to become ‘job ready’.

By the end, the cohort will be able to receive their Food Safety Certification and have the following options upon completion of the program:

  • Begin working in the food industry with higher, marketable skills for higher wages
  • Continue on for further education at a Community College, such as KCC’s Culinary Program
  • Become a ‘paid intern’ in one of our Food Service Social Enterprises, gaining valuable on-the-job training on-site and potential employment in the Enterprise.