Food Services Social Enterprises

What is a Social Enterprise?

A Social Enterprise is a revenue-generating business with two goals: to maximum impact to achieve social, cultural, community, economic, and/or environmental outcomes; and, to earn revenue and make a profit. This strategy is the core of Touch a Heart’s plan to transform people and communities.

Why Food Services Enterprises?

Quite simply, we created our social enterprise around the food service industry because it represents 14% of the jobs in Hawai’i. Our Program provides our cohorts with vocational training in a marketable field that will successfully transition them into healthy and independent living.

Because preparation for this industry is not as time intensive as other fields, nor does it require a college degree, it provides the opportunity for our graduates to quickly learn and begin generating income. In addition, this field accommodates a diverse population since graduates can obtain jobs from entry level to management in all areas of food service – restaurants, hotels and other areas in the hospitality field.

Internship Program

Our Social Enterprises will be the first step for graduates who apply for our Internship Program that enables them to gain ‘on-the-job’ experience and confidence before they enter the job market.

How can the commercial kitchen become a Profit Center?

To maximize our profits, we begin by partnering with organizations that have underutilized commercial kitchens. These kitchens can become profit centers in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the given community we are serving.

As kitchens generate income, finances are reinvested back into the organization, multiplying our ability to reach those with barriers to employment through our Vocational Training Program.

Here are some examples:


Our kitchens can be used to prepare meals to serve on the premises or prepared and packaged for takeout.

Bakery: Baker’s Heart

Our brand, Baker’s Heart, has a variety of fine baked products ready for use as a fundraiser or packaged as gift items for local businesses and for the private sector. Baker’s Heart is a growing brand with many signature items ready to market.

Meal Deliveries

Serving the elderly, children or others in need, our kitchens can be used to prepare pre-ordered, healthy and nutritious meals.


Utilizing our kitchens to provide catering services is also a potential means to generate profits.

Branded Products

Our kitchens can produce items sub-branded under our organization or our Partner’s organization. We have a number of up and coming ‘brands’ on the horizon!