Foodservice Vocational Training

We help individuals with barriers to employment gain confidence, join the workforce, and become contributing members of society. Our eight-week foodservice vocational program includes:

  • Hands-on culinary training
  • Field trips and guest speakers
  • Hard and soft skills development
  • Hawaii Department of Health Food Handler Certification training
  • Resume-writing assistance and interview preparation
  • Job placement services

"Now I can start planning for the future and it's not a scary thing anymore. I have a foundation, I have something to build off of here. While I'm in there, I know that I'm gonna have the support that I need when I get out. It's so much less stress compared to if I wasn't a part of Touch A Heart. Touch A Heart is like a lifetime thing. There's no set day that I have to move out or leave. I know that Touch A Heart is gonna be there for me through my whole incarceration, when I get out, and as far as I'd like them to be there. That's a lot of weight off my shoulders, so now I'm able to just take things day by day, and enjoy my days not worrying about the future."



Our graduates may continue their training with us as apprentices. During this period, we’re able to spend more time with them and provide intensive, hands-on, on-the-job training in our social enterprises—Kupuna and Family Meals by Touch A Heart Catering and Baker’s Heart. Apprentices further develop hard and soft skills as well as build their confidence and adeptness in the kitchen. We also emphasize the following core workplace competencies:

  • Communication
  • Conflict management
  • Teamwork
  • Time management

“I have a family that I had the opportunity to see recently. I have a daughter who’s 10 months old. This was the first time I met her. She came to me with open arms. It made me happy and I realized how important it is to be there and live in the present. With Touch A Heart still employing me after I do my time, I have somewhere to come to back to. They support me and they stand by me.”

— Philip